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Technical SEO agency focused on auditing performance

Technical SEO Audit of the website is a detailed check. SEO Audit is the key parameters of the site, affecting its visibility for search engines. Auditing performance is several activities that are carried out to determine the effectiveness of the site or its individual parts from a technical point of view. During the analysis, tips are given to correct the identified errors. Ultimately, you want your website to rank better, get better traffic, and more conversions. Technical SEO is all about fixing bugs and effective strategy for best practice.

Technical SEO Services are needed before the launch of a live project (website). We also recommend the service after the development of the beta version of the web project – a test version of the website, which is not yet crawled by search engines. Also, we have had experience that there is no ideal single search engine, so absolutely for each project we can develop a technical task for optimisation. As The Best SEO Agency our services includes compiling a detailed technical task on the following points:

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