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Brand Awareness with Video Advertising in Pakistan

YouTube Ads is a paid advertising tool for running video ads. Comprehensive approach to advertising campaign, global audience reach, selecting the best resources to show your video ads. After Google, the second most visited site in the world, it attracts many advertisers wish to improve their visibility and return on investment (ROI) by advertising on YouTube. The video format takes over the text and YouTube Ads occupies the top place in an online video marketing.

At The Best Digital – We do all the work necessary to create and promote a your YouTube Ads. Our own video production team in the centre of Islamabad allows you to organise shooting at a convenient time and save budget. With long-term cooperation, we save the business significant sums that can be used to shoot more stories. Tell the story of your business to the users you want to reach.

YouTube TrueView Advertising

YouTube TrueView Ads are the most used by advertising agencies in the world, thanks in part to the TrueView concept. We are experts in highly competitive markets and from activating the levers of digital marketing to performance. There are four formats for running ads on YouTube:
1. TrueView InStream (Your ad to appear on any other YouTube videos. You are only charged after a 30-second viewing.)
2. TrueView Video Discovery (Your ad to appear in contextualised locations. You are charged when user clicks only.)
3. TrueView Bumper Ads (Short 6-second video that cannot be skipped and will be broadcast on any other YouTube videos.)
4. TrueView OutStream (Designed specifically for mobile devices)
Where television will estimate a target and charge a high cost, YouTube Ads through its Trueview format offers many other advantages. At The Best Digital our marketing specialist will cover for you from A to Z over your YouTube Ads whether you are e-retailers or lead generator, offering you.

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