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Show your products with Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping is a search engine dedicated to products from e-commerce sites and a price comparison. The Google search engine accounts for more than 90% of searches in Pakistan, so it is a central element for advertising any eCommerce. Google Shopping is not in itself a store as someone might think. It is a product indexer with some resemblance in design to Google Images, in which you can search for a product, filter by prices, store, if you want free shipping, etc. You can view all the products, compare products by price, and finally, click on the product of your interest to end up linked in the online store where it is sold. Google Shopping brings together thousands of products for sale on the web. To classify products, the platform uses an algorithm like that of the search engine. We integrate your online store products with the Google Merchant Center platform, making sure all your products are imported correctly through a feed, and optimise their contents. From this information, we create Google Shopping campaigns through Google Ads, optimising the costs and performance of them.

Setting up Google Shopping campaigns is sometimes a complex operation: managing the flow of products, Merchant Center and Google Ads account, creating campaigns… Once we have the Google Ads account linked to Google Merchant Center, we go on to review and optimise the data feeds, based on the searches that Google Shopping campaigns to get better results! Based on this observation, The Best Digital Agency offers you an all-in-one solution to support your campaigns.

Comprehensive Google Shopping management

As a Digital Marketing Agency, we take care of the products of your online store in Google Shopping, as well as optimise it for its correct positioning. We work based on our extensive experience; we have been working on Google Ads campaign management for many years. We perform the most convenient and comprehensive optimisation according to:
1. User behaviour (While browsing the website)
2. Timing (Where user is most active)
3. The locations (User in Islamabad and User from Karachi are different)
4. Search terms (Keywords diversity)
5. Devices (From which the user searches)
With Google Shopping you’ll improve your customer’s shopping experience in searches, and this results in more visits to your website and more conversions. In addition to this, Google Shopping offers us higher quality traffic directed towards your website, a higher conversion rate and cheaper CPCs compared to text ads. To help you in this process, Our Agency offers you to take care of everything:

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