What is Internet Marketing?

What is Internet Marketing? Recently, more and more companies are realising the opportunities to improve their digital presence and market themselves online.

However, Internet Marketing is an extremely wide range of areas and if you ask ten different marketers about: what is digital marketing? you will probably get as many answers.

In this article, we had therefore intended to clarify what is digital marketing means (for us at all).

Given terms “digital marketing”“Internet marketing”“Online marketing”: I am sure these so-called keywords are familiar to you.

Understand all these terms means in somehow the same. Because only difference is only that marketers is done it through the digital media mean online.

As you can see only trendy search term is “digital marketing” that you should consider the most? As we will find a clear increase about the terms related to the phrase mentioned. Now, you need to know many universities around the world offers digital marketing courses as well.

It is true that the use of “digital marketing” is more widespread today around the world.

Digital marketers and e-commerce experts are also looking for new ways to make a difference.

Will learn what digital marketing benefits, in terms of its types, digital strategies, and work to correct some misconceptions of digital marketers and its role in this digital age era.

We will reveal everything to you in this article.

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Comprehensive guide of Internet Marketing and Types of digital marketing

By definition: What is Digital Marketing?

Actual definition of: What is digital marketing? In a nutshell, digital marketing—also known as online marketing—is an umbrella term for all online marketing and engagement activities done through internet channels.

Role of digital marketing is to help you get found, get noticed, get leads, and then turn those leads into sales and returning customers.

Marketing is a strategy that every company must implement in its global plan to grow. Strategic analysis is an essential component for digital marketers.

Often, when you start your business, you do strategic marketing without knowing it. That is why most startups fail because their marketers make plan which may the right once.

So, it is necessary to professionalise your strategic approach. Marketing is essential for any firm wishing to develop sales for its products or services. Marketing is a discipline that aims to analyse and influence the needs of consumers to adapt the offer and develop more sales.

That is why, the marketing umbrella is very broad and encompasses all those strategies that help a company, brand or marketers to achieve its goals.

In other words, Marketing is a global system of strategies, techniques and practices that have as their main objective, to add value to certain brands or products to attribute greater importance to a given target audience, consumers.

One of the most interesting features of marketing is that it stimulates exchanges of marketing mix (4P’s, 8P’s). Here below some approved definitions marketing.

Marketing is the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit. Marketing identifies unfulfilled needs and desires. It defines, measures and quantifies the size of the identified market and the profit potential.

Philip Kotler, prof. in University's Kellogg School of Management

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

American Marketing Association (Approved 2017)

1450-1900: Print advertising appears. Where in 1920-1949: New media emerge. The origins of marketing date back from 1900 to the post-war period in the United States.

From the third industrial revolution, marketing developed in Europe. The term “market” was Latin words: “mercatus” and “mercari“, expressions that were eventually abandoned.
– 1922,radio advertising begins.
– 1941, television advertising arises.
– 1946, Marketers grown over phone.

1950-1972: Marketing is born and grown. In the 1980s, with the advent of the OSI and TCP/IP standardisation for WWW where the digital age flourished and globalised.

The circulation of information through World Wide Web grown. In 1995, Yahoo!, in 1998-Google and MSN launch and then concept of Search optimisation (SEO/SEM), Inbound markets, relationship markets, digital content emerged, and that digital transformation began to take shape.

Between the 2000 and 2004, marketing methods have continued to evolve and new areas are being explored, with the rise of the “digital native” generation, social networks and the global success of companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon,…

It was also in the 2000s that online marketers used term (Internet marketing or e-marketing) emerged which now most people termed as a “digital marketing”.

Why invest in digital marketing?

Now almost 50% of consumers in the Pakistan. go online to find local products and services. Read this for more details, If you want to connect with them and increase leads and sales, you have to meet them where they spend their time—online.

Which online marketing services are best for my business?

Most companies will need SEO, PPC, and website design as core services. Beyond that, which services are best for your business depends on a few things, including your budget, your goals, your product/service, and your target audience, among other factors.

How much do digital marketing services cost?

Globally its depending on the package you choose, marketing services can run anywhere from $2,500 to over $10,000 per month.

What is Web/digital marketing or Online/Internet marketing?

Advancement of these new technologies, networks, and channels all over the internet has been vital to drive the birth of web/digital or online/internet marketing.

Digital methods or platforms you use are known as channels. This is all the means to promote an offer through online technologies. Like traditional marketing, digital marketing uses the Internet to add value to consumers.

However, what digital marketers means more accurately may vary depending on the platforms and channels you use for your business.

look back at a decade of digital media 2004-2010, The keyword phrase online/internet or web marketing was rocked and searched by majority of people till 2015.

When the Internet was younger, Online marketers refers to building network presence and turning the resulting traffic into sales. But not now because people often use term digital marketing instead online.

Internet marketing covers all digital strategy and activities consisting of a mix of digital content, SEO, SEM, Pay Per Click, social media, etc. to promote products or services.

Todays, digital marketers has been experiencing, progressively and very quickly, profound changes, both technically and tools used, to target audience in the right place at the right time.

The goal of marketers is to run more business, build a brand or provide service to their potential or existing customers.

It is one of the main way available for companies to communicate with the public directly. When we talk about increasing our network, strengthening our brand, and making better sales, all of those are goals in digital marketing to achieve it.

As we can see, digital agencies, provide support for their digital market, to people, companies, universities, NGOs, associations, organisations, Govt: institutions, etc.

After this introduction I hope you have become clearer of what it means and, above all, what it means to do digitally or online today.

An effective digital strategy process includes several elements that can be mentioned as follows:

Benefits of digital marketing

There are several advantages that can represent economics for both, as well as strengthening the relationships between the public and brands. 

This digital era never ends – keep learning and producing

Driving a successful digital strategy based on always keeping up with what is happening in the market and above all, how search engines update their algorithms.

To succeed online your digital presence requires (in my opinion) and its a great commitment. Also, it is important to keep your data up-to-date or agile and remember that the digital goal should always be to create a proven profitable efforts.

If you work with a digital agency, you need both the digital agency to know what they are doing, but it also requires a lot of commitment from the customer.

When both the customer and the digital agency work towards the same goal, you are one step closer to succeed. When you get the constant follow-up and optimisation as a routine, the rest comes by itself.

Getting a stronger brand does not happen overnight, it is something that requires a tactic and a long-term plan. But once it starts to bear fruit then it really does it properly.

Reasons to invest in digital era

So, after all, did you realise how useful it is for you? Digital era can be useful to all businesses, in all sectors. Whatever your business, digital marketers invites you to define buyer personas to identify the needs of your target audience, and to create high-quality digital content.

Therefore, a list of three main reasons to invest in the digital era:
1. Reach the right audience, attract, and retain customers.
2. Direct interactions & results.
3. Easily measure the results.

Different job roles in digital marketing

In digital strategy, having the best talent is essential to succeed. But companies find that there is a clear generation gap, moreover, as it is a relatively new and constantly evolving sector, it is difficult to define exactly what is needed for each position.

The level of knowledge in this digital age has reached such a level that being an expert in everything is impossible. But still, a good marketers must be able to understand the environment in which he moves and for this he needs a good collection of skills: creativity, master of the tools, digital knowledge, analytical ability.

Now that we have an idea of what the ideal digital marketing professional should look like, and their capabilities in digital strategy should be like to:

Best digital marketers tools

There are various internet tools that can help in managing and measuring your results across all channels.

These tools will help filter the most important information, understand the development of the strategy, and generate reports. I am going to list some tools so; you know exactly what and how to choose the best option for your marketers:

Types of Digital Marketing

There are different types of digital marketing but, more important is that which type works for your business? Which channel to operate? What is SEO strategy?

What does PPC mean to your business? What are the pros and cons of each type of digital marketing? Where to start? When to start? Let’s take a closer picture of the top 12 types of digital marketing, and the basics to know to get started.

We have made it easy for you by listing key digital strategies and information that will help you to decide what might works for your business:

The search engine optimisation (SEO)

Firstly, What is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimisation right! The keyword phrase “search engine optimisation” defines all the techniques and digital strategies used to improve the position of your website over search engines like Google, Bing and more but the desired place is only to be shown over search results pages (SERP).

It is also called organic (or natural) referencing. Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is very important for today’s businesses.

SEO is about to optimising your digital content to bring more organic traffic to your site in search engines. SEO are all about improving the quality of digital contents.

The goal of SEO expert is to improve the visibility of the websites and making them winning position over SERP.

The aim is to bring together end users interested in products/services or informative content that closely match what users can type in the search bar.

Around the globe, the websites most visited by internet users are those who appear in top 3 positions, where they get almost 60% of clicks over search engines. Google crawler keep websites by degree of relevance. If you want to improve your SEO, you need to start boosting your content marketing efforts.

Content plays a vital role in helping you increase your visibility in search engines. To be relevant to the search engine, several criteria are also taken into account.

On-page SEO: textual content of the site’s pages. On-page SEO is all techniques aimed at improving the quality of the content of a website/web page. There are several things to perfect from your keyword strategy:

  1. Title Tag
  2. Meta Tags (Meta description, robots, keywords)
  3. Heading tags (H1-H6)
  4. URLs
  5. Page content (Body)
  6. Internal mesh (internal links)

Off-page SEO: external links (Link Building). These include:

  1. Origin of external links (back links from quality sites will be more relevant to Google)
  2. Link anchor (which term is used to redirect to your site)

User Experience (UX): There are several important criteria for SEO:

  1. Site UI (User Interface): appearance and quality
    Bounce rate
  2. Conversion rate
  3. User journey

Technical SEO: (HTML code, domain name, crawl, etc.)

  1. Weight and site loading speed of a page (very important)
  2. Site appearance and quality
  3. Architecture and tree

SEO requires a multitude of actions and up-to-date changes according to its algorithmic roles.

It is all these operations that will improve your website image to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, or any other search engine. Before you start talking about SEO, you must first have digital content.

Do some research to find out what keywords people use in your industry, and stay up-to-date with all of Google’s SEO changes in this era.

If your budget is more substantial, should start working with professional digital marketing agency to improve your SEO content.

Content marketing

What is content marketing in digital marketing? To answer this famous question, here is a definition provided by the:

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing represents a strategic marketing approach that emphasises the creation and distribution of relevant, quality and value-enhancing content whether it is text, images, or multimedia, to the target audience, with the aim of attracting and retaining it so that ultimately it becomes an active and potential customer for the company.

Content marketing is one of the most important types of digital marketing. The content you create can have many different goals. It can be used to inspire, educate, persuade, or even just entertain your audience.

Content is the starting point for almost all the other types of digital marketing that feeds other types of marketing, such as SEO, social networks or other marketing campaigns.

Content marketing has many advantages for SME’s firms. One of the most important advantage is the return on investment (ROI) and helping you generate more leads.

What is content marketing for? What are the goals behind this content marketing approach? There are few key points:

Paid search marketing - Pay Per Click (PPC)

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC)? PPC stands for pay-per-click marketing, a paid content marketing promotion strategy that helps you raise your company’s profile, attract potential customers to your website and drive conversions.

PPC is a form of paid marketing, for example, Google Ads or Bing Ads. This is almost how SEO, except that these results appear above the SEO search results. You can see the word “ad” in green or black colour where added to the result.
PPC Example
You can buy one of the best positions through auctions, based on keywords, geographic locations or demographic segments. This is especially useful for e-commerce sites, for startups and for small businesses. There are many benefits of PPC ads on Google.

While your organic SEO efforts may take some time to show actual results, Google PPC ads help drive immediate traffic to your page. PPC is used to run any type of campaign with the objective of:

As advertiser you will pay to place your Ads on a website, search engine, social media or any other digital platform.

Each time the user clicks on your Ads, it is directed to the advertiser’s website or whatever, you set your goal. This PPC system defined for prompt promotion actions:

What are the benefits of PPC? There are many benefits of PPC advertising like:

Social media marketing

What is social media marketing? What does social media marketing mean? Why social media advertising is important?

The importance of social networks in digital marketing is relatively affordable if you look at the return on investment you can achieve.

Social media marketing is a marketing term for the use of social media channels to promote a product or service both free and Paid (PPC).

Social media are attracting more and more people online. It is now essential, and essential for everyone, to learn how to use them, address, find new targets and develop market goals.

These new growing networks not only strengthen the company presence online, but also increases the number of customers and drive more traffic to website which improvised SEO. Social media channels particular have been growing exponentially over the past 5 years.

There are many different platforms but here are some aggressive networks lists you will find:

You can do free organic content marketing via (Facebook groups, stories, Messenger, etc.). Also, you can do and paid marketing (PPC) too.

All companies should be available on at least some of the above networks. Social media should be part of your content marketing strategy.

Display advertising

What is digital display advertising? In recent years, marketing and advertising agencies have begun to use digital signs to display messages and promotions of their products to their customers.

So, the advertising screen is used for dynamic display as an advertising tool that transmits different types of information content and advertisements in the format of video films, flash animations or PowerPoint slides.

Advertising screens are constantly updated to encourage instant distribution of advertising and information content.

But what exactly is display Ads? Display advertising or Display Ads refers to any type of digital marketing that has a graphic content: most often an image or video.

In other words, your content will be displayed on publisher websites. The display, how does it work? What are the goals? The publisher is the website on which your advertisement will be displayed. Like in below image you can see the sponsored ad.

In order to take advantage of these advertising spaces, you need digital marketing agency. Marketing agency is the intermediary between an advertiser and a publisher.

It is up to you to choose an advertising agency that allows you to carry out your display advertising over: Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook and its audience network, LinkedIn etc.

Display advertising, also known as banner ads, It is very similar to digital display ads, with only difference is that they are online, and that it is possible to target a specific type of consumers very effectively.

Display Ads are very easy to track and can be used to measure your conversion rates. For display advertising, you must first think about your design and placement position.

Mobile marketing

What is mobile marketing? Today, mobile marketing is to carry out marketing actions aimed of content marketing that focuses in particular on mobile users, such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile marketing is almost as extensive as digital marketing as a whole, and connect in somehow with many other types of marketing.

Mobile marketing at all very important if you are targeting a young audience. Today, four billion people worldwide use a phone, including more than a billion smartphones.

Mobile content marketing strategist focus on presenting information, content and, of course, advertising the best way for mobile devices.

This means that your websites need to be complete responsive. Mobile marketing is a link between a brand or company, from all sectors of activity, and consumers.

It allows you to communicate as close as possible to the customer or customers, in a personal and targeted way. Many smartphone users are constantly reachable, and they almost never miss a notification on their device.

Influencer marketing

What is influencer marketing and how can we take advantage of it? Influencers or influence advertiser, tend to use the influence of recommendation or prescription of influencers.

So, it is kind of ability to assistant or ambassadors for its brand. For this type of Ads, you must associate yourself with an influencer (celebrity, expert, PR Agency, etc.) who already has his own audience.

When that person promotes your products on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, their followers will follow their recommendations and buy your products. Influencer quickly became among the best digital strategy for companies and brands.

As a whole for the search visibility and promotion to consumers. Thanks to influencers, companies can significantly increase their sales in a very short time. You take advantage of all the contacts of the influencer, instead of having to build your own audience.

Think about what you want to accomplish by using an influencer. Make a small list of potential influencers who have the right audience for your brand.

Video advertising

What is video marketing? Video Marketing is an activities and actions in which audio-visual material is used to promote a brand, service or product.

While video Ads can also be understood in the other direction of digital marketing, it has grown greatly thanks to the Internet, YouTube, Netflix, and social networks.

What are the benefits of video Ads? Why video advertising? In short, and in a simple way, it is about adding videos to your content.

Today, data clearly show audio-visual content has a positive impact over social media channels and search engines like YouTube that can drive more sales and ROI.

What are the types of video advertising and videos for businesses? There are many different types that can be worked on in the video marketing strategy:

Affiliate advertising (Ads)

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work? Why it is interesting for your business? Affiliate Ads can be a real business opportunity if you want to maximise your revenue.

I am sure you have heard of affiliate marketing, but you have not fully understood how it works, how people make money with it, and more generally what affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate advertising works as follows: the Affiliate promotes an entrepreneur/company’s product in exchange for a commission for each sale or action taken.

To put it another definition, affiliate marketing is a form of performance-based marketing where an affiliate sells items on behalf of a merchant for an agreed rate or percentage of the sale.

Affiliate Ads is all about relationships forged between people. There are three parties involved based on solid trust, fair conditions and transparency:

1. The customer (public)
2. The affiliate (promoter)
3. The trader (owner)

Let see how does it work? This is a sales chain. To illustrate this strategy, let’s say that a trader(Owner) X offers a Y promoter (an affiliate platform, a company or an isolated individual) to sell its products or services.

When the costumer (public) makes contact or purchases with the Y-promoter’s over affiliation link, the Y-promoter’s will receive a commission from X.

Affiliate Ads includes benefits for both parties. The seller’s business can acquire customers at low prices and experience an increase in recognition, as the partner can develop sales through the affiliate system.

As an example of the real world, Amazon worked well for many bloggers. The steps to becoming an affiliate are not complex.

Start with a niche, create the terms of your affiliate program, find relevant influencers and, of course, enjoy it.

Inbound advertising

What is inbound marketing? When it comes to online content strategies, It is very fashionable term. With the evolution of the Internet, new content marketing formats appear every day, always with the aim of expanding the shapes and channels that manage to attract the attention of the consumer.

It is that people are increasingly airy and demanding, in addition to knowing very well the type of advertising that interests them when it comes to buying online.

Inbound advertising is a content strategy that is based on attracting customers with useful, relevant content and adding value at each stage of the buyer journey.

Unlike outgoing online content firms, where marketers try to find customers, incoming marketing attracts the attention of customers and makes the business easy to find, but inbound marketing does not “harass” prospects to become customers.

With inbound marketing, potential customers find your business through different channels such as blogs, search engines and social networks.

In an inbound content marketing strategy, communication is two-way, that is, people can engage with the brand while in an outgoing marketing strategy the brand will launch a message, but interaction with it is impossible, likewise tv, radio, print advertising, telemarketing, direct mail and street advertising.

Inbound marketing includes: content marketing, SEO, SEM, blogging, podcast, websites, social selling, social media (organic and paid) content, landing page content, forms, content automation, emails, newsletters, demo content etc.

Email advertising

What is email marketing? Email marketing/advertising is a pillar of the digital marketing strategy and the most important direct marketing channel with an estimated ROI. It is impossible today to have an online business without using emails.

Email marketing is an excellent communication protocols available to the brand to communicate with the customer. It is a very powerful weapon that, well used content, can give very good results, especially ROI.

Key benefits of email marketing:
1. Keep in touch with customers
2. let them know news and updates
3. Generate engagement

The benefits of an emailing campaign:

Retargeting advertising (Ads)

What is remarketing? Have you ever heard of remarketing? This is a very interesting digital advertising technique for companies. Remarketing is a term used in digital marketing to talk about advertising retargeting.

Remarketing is a system that allows you to create tailored or personalised ads for those users who have previously visited your website or ecommerce, with the aim of increasing ROI.

Retargeting allows you to better target your audience by talking to people who have already been interested in your offer. Remarketing is a solution associated with Google Ads with the aim of achieving a better return on investment (ROI).

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