Content marketing does not focus on sales, but communicating with customers through real storytelling scenarios and that is the quality element of brand capital (e.g. social responsibility, cultural heritage, ability to innovate). Telling a good story is a key factor for Content Marketing. The premise is to provide content that informs, educates or entertains the user. In order to create the quality content and lead prospects from cognition to purchase, it is necessary to decide who, what, and in what order to communicate. One of the most important elements is the quality of the content that will be produced.

It is always better to focus on quality than quantity when it comes to content. Indeed, the more useful and relevant the content is to your target, the more it will find real value. What’s more, the more confident your target is in your brand and content, the more you will see growth in the acquisition of a new customer base, but also in terms of customer loyalty.

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How to create quality content? And an effective writing strategies

Want to drive traffic to your website? Need to improve Google’s SEO? Want to increase your conversion rates? Creating quality content is the answer to these three issues. Imagine a potential customer of your company searching for your products and services on Google. If one of your competitors is positioned first in organic search (excluding ads) SEO results, it is more than 30% of potential customers in the middle of the buying process that your website will fail to attract. Imagine how important SEO effects.

But fortunately, several SEO techniques can help you get as close as possible to this Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) first place. One of the most effective is to create Quality Content. Creating Quality Content is about finding the right balance between content that is useful to your audience and as well as optimised to meet search engine optimisation (SEO) criteria. Sounds more complicated than your thought? Do not be panic, follow the guide!

Step 1: Set goals for your high quality digital content

How do I create quality content on the web? What types of content and what kinds of writing will you offer? What kind of users will read your contents? How does your competition focus each theme and how can you improve it? These initial questions will allow you to define the right language and editorial tone for your quality content creation.

Therefore, it is important to follow a number of guidelines when using this quality writing technique.

  1. • Set your goals and research on the subject.
  2. • Use copywriting techniques and your FAB (Features, Advantages, Benefits)
  3. • 4U(Unique, Useful, Urgent, Ultra-specific)
  4. • Do a keyword study
  5. • Use CTA (Call to Action)

Step 2: Define your target audience

To make quality content, you must first define the audience to which your site is aiming. Now that you have a clear idea of why, let’s move on to who. The target audience is the most important thing and every content strategy and must be valuable because you are fueling the audience’s needs and making it clear that it is a reliable and secure website. Meeting quality needs is a challenge for content writer and SEO technical team that will mark you stay in search engines. That said, your website content strategy should be based on the needs of your target audience. And to help you determine what they might be looking for, it’s time to do some research on the content. Here are the key points to define audience:
  1. Know your market: B2B, B2C, company size, location etc.
  2. Personal background: age, family situation, education, etc.
  3. User work role: skills, position, etc.
  4. User goals: personal and professional, definition of success, etc.
  5. Purchasing process: favorite interaction points, information consumption, etc.
Here are some of the tools and websites you can use to get started: Q&A websites Google alerts Google trend

Step 3: Bringing real value

Once you have set your target audience, you need to make sure you make them want to come to your website, stay there, and then choose your service or product. That is why advertising only who you are, or what you sell, does not matter much. To attract traffic and keep your readers in suspense or generate clicks, you have to offer something before you can sell it something else. You need to come up with solutions, that your identity needs right now. These can be blog posts, a free ebook, exploration videos and so on. Users will want to enter your platform and by reading valuable information you will gain followers, your reputation on the web will improve, you will have very competitive positioning indicators.

Step 4: Make it simple

Now, you have identify several content opportunities to create based on real value and (most importantly) the relevance of your offer to queries. Also, you have certain knowledge or know-how in a particular field, and you want to share it or even sell it. The basic idea is that you are talking to people who have less knowledge than you in the market.

So try to simplify your point, i.e. to make it understandable by non-specialists, even the uninitiated. If you need to create more with details, don not hesitate to label it “advanced.” This will reassure everyone about your knowledge, without confusing those who lack basic knowledge.

Step 5: Things to consider when writing content

Step 6: Think about SEO

Todays, SEO (Organic search) is more important than ever before. It is time to create quality SEO content. Now that you know who to talk, in what format and with what tone, this SEO step should happen – normally – safely. Of course, you want to create quality content to boost your SEO. However, even if Google is increasingly sensitive to the quality of the content, the SEO remains unavoidable.

Within the SEO, next step is to identify the keywords to focus on what you are going to use. If you know what you want to write about, everything is much easier. To do this, it is necessary to clearly focus keyword and the complementary longtail, through a good study of keywords to clearly determine the friendly title, powerful meta description and powerful SEO that keeps you afloat. So, choose the most relevant keywords, i.e. those that correspond to your identity likely query, and embedded in your text in the most natural way possible. Keywords are very useful for this purpose. These should be focused on high or moderate traffic that your audience searches frequently.

In the end, content marketing is a “remarkable job” and not very complicated. Like any digital content, whether it is the web or social networks, the effectiveness of your content will require a good understanding of your target’s needs. This will cause more traffic, more sales and more generations of leads.

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